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Dec 18Space Wars: The Angst Awakens
Dec 11The Earthling
Dec 5The Spy Who Thwarted Me
Nov 20Home Alonely
Nov 13Space Wars: Party Down
Nov 4Bubble-0-Seven
Oct 30Space Wars: The Empire Backchats
Oct 14Space Wars
Oct 9Mr. Hacker
May 7Revengers: Age of Tropes
Apr 10McJustice
Apr 5Barry Plotter and The Forbidden Word
Mar 27Trans-Transformers
Mar 20Emberella
Mar 13FairDevil
Mar 6Moolan
Feb 13Fifty Grades of Wish-Fulfilment
Jan 30The Pretending Game
Jan 23Grease 3
Jan 16Bastard and The Best
Jan 9Ant-Dude
Jan 2Nightmare on New Year